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    Gurkan Erdogdu Newbie


      I am trying to localize all the default portal bundles. But these bundles place are distributed all of the places, so confusuded. Even you have to change some of the faces-config default locale parameters to successfully shown correct bundle.

      Is there any documentation that fully explains the localitions of these bundles and necessary configurations? Even some words distirbuted in the portlet.xml file?


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          Thomas Heute Master


          But these bundles place are distributed all of the places, so confusuded.

          This is the price of a modular structure. We cannot put all localization in a unique file it wouldn't make sense for deployment. I agree it would be easier for translators if they want to translate everything.

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            Peter Johnson Master

            Thomas, might it be possible to place all of the bundles in one location in the source and have the build(s) distribute the bundles to the correct components? Or maybe create an i18n component that all the other components depend on and place all of the bundles in the i18n component (you would then want to make sure that the bundle for each component uses that component's package name). Either way, I think you would still get the modularity you want, and translators could then easily find the files to translate.

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              Thomas Heute Master

              Sure this would be possible, but it has the drawback of adding dependencies between modules. (You should be able to build core-admin without any other sources (only binaries) for example)

              I'm more in favor of having all localization in property files (instead of in the descriptors which is an option provided by the portlet spec) and use the same filename for all modules (so a simple find on "Resource.properties" will easily let you find the property file). Basically, i just want to do some cleanup, i started already, i need more.