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    JBoss Portal 2.6.6 and DB UTF8 encoding

    Chua Khoon Yong Novice

      hi all,

      I try to run Jboss portal 2.6.6 with Postgres 8.3.3 , but encountered this error during startup:

      java.sql.BatchUpdateException: Batch entry 1 insert into JBP_PORTAL_OBJECT_DNAMES (INSTANCE_PK, LOCALE, TEXT) values (59, ru, ?????) was aborted.

      Later, i try to recreate the jbossportal DB at Postgres from encoding of "WIN1252" to "UTF8" and so such error during portal startup.

      For the past JBoss Portal versions, i had been using the default Postgres encoding of "WIN1252" and no issue. Is that some changes to this DB creation encoding requirement?

      Thank you.