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    using ext js in JBP

    Kobye Novice


      <script type=text/javascript>
      var test="test";
       var lo = Layout.init();

      HTML and js code IE generated run without an error.
      But nothing is displayed.

      any advice?
      thanks a lot.

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          Kobye Novice

          The version of ext js is 1.11.

          I have done a test:
          1.take ext js 1.11's example with other necessary resource ,for example:ext-all.js, ext-base.js in my web application. and modify the menus example(especially the url of the needed resource in menus.html),so I can access it from web.
          but in the portal page,it doest not run as html mode.
          there is an error:syntax error line 6 char 1.

          2.do the same thing like ext js 1.11 with ext js 2.2.
          it runs well.
          directly open with IE and access from the web site, runs the same.

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            Kobye Novice

            I have done a more clear test.

            ext js 1.11 and ext js 2.2 run very well .

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              Kobye Novice

              But if put 2 same portlet window in the same portal page which return the same jsp page using extjs ,there will be display error occured.

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                Kobye Novice

                now ,I have found the problem.
                The reason is:
                our jsp page contains a body tag,but the css effect is load on the portal page's body.
                so after deleting the body tag,and modifing the div's class ,it runs well.