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    rich:calendar javascript error with IE 7

    Maier Müller Newbie

      richfaces version: 3.3.0 Snapshot 20081013
      Browser: IE 7

      Using rich:calendar I get the javascript error: 'calendar' is undefined
      during pageload. The calendar popup function does not work anymore.

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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          please show the code. And alos open the livedemo to check that calendar actually works fine with IE 7. Seems some wrong markup on your page.

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            james holder Newbie

            Not just IE7. IE6 as well.

            Browser: IE 6.0.2900
            Richfaces: 3.3.0-20081028.041021-52

            I just pulled the latest snapshot to fix a 508 issue with the datatable. I had the Calendar up and running with 3.2.1GA, and it was working great. I went back to check after upgrading and was getting a JS error which completed stopped the calendar from rendering. The error was:

            'Calendar' is undefined.


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              james holder Newbie

              Update: the root cause of the issue I'm having is covered in RF-4715 (its an arbitray comma that makes things unhappy)

              The current snapshot apparently does not have these changes. So whenever the snapshot picks up the revision the issue will resolve itself.

              As a workaround, if you view the source of calendar.js, copy it down locally, and save it to your own .js file. You can the remove the comma manually, and just include the file on your own, liek you would any JS file. This seems to allow everything to run normally. (at least from my limited testing)

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                nathan dennis Expert

                how did you get a true 10/28 snapshot of ui?? they havent been run since 10/17 on the link under richfaces most important links.

                there is a lot of us waiting on this. thanks for the work around james. i will if i have too... but i always hate to go spitting things up like that. it makes it too hard to maintain.

                i was hoping they would have their nightly builds fixed by now... im pretty sure im not the only one growing pretty impatient.

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                  james holder Newbie

                  I grabbed my libs from http://snapshots.jboss.org/maven2/org/richfaces/ui/richfaces-ui/3.3.0-SNAPSHOT/, when I went back and checked you're correct, those are from 10/17. If you really want the true nightly, you should be able to access the versioning system and grab the latest code (I haven't personally done this, but one of the committers replied to a previous post of mine and he mentioned grabbing the latest snapshot from the repository so it must be possible.)

                  No doubt about, hackery abounds when you start copying code from the bundle and including it internally.... but... the thing is, do you want a broken app, or a properly maintained app :D We say properly maintained, customer says working. What are you gonna do.

                  So I've got the snapshot, and a post-it note that says "remove calendar.js".

                  The whole reason I had to grab a nightly in the first place was so that my datatable would pass 508 compliancy tests. As I recall, richfaces-ui was one or two days behind the other two libraries.

                  I'm not sure where the timelines are, I'd be interested in when the 3.3.0 release candidates are due out.

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                    Nick Belaevski Master


                    We'll deploy builds manually while we're resolving CI server problem. New nightly build for 3.3.0 should appear in Maven repo today.

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                      Nick Belaevski Master

                      Problem is resolved now. Please enjoy nightly builds.