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    custom dashboard

    yf guo Newbie

      Can I make dashboard as one page of my portal?

      I want the user has the permission to custom their portlets, including drag and drop, add and remove. The dashboard should be one page of my portal.

      I found the dashboard configuration allow user to create page, this permission is not allowed for our user. And the configuration page seems not very friendly, can we create ours and if there is some api to use?

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          steux jean-sebastien Newbie

          You will have to use internal API of JBoss Portal (create your own
          PortalObjectCommandaFactory and your custom commands).

          Here is a demo (french)

          - http://ns201104.ovh.net:8080/portal/
          - click on 'Connexion'
          - user / user
          - click on 'Mon espace'

          The end-user can create / remove pages (from the toolbar), change skin and layout, and add / remove portlet ('Ajouter un portlet' link)

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            yf guo Newbie

            Thanks, jssteux.
            Where can i find the info about architecture and the internal API of JBoss Portal?

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              steux jean-sebastien Newbie


              There is no specific documentation. We have downloaded sources and we used Eclipse Debugger to understand architecture. The most important is the portal part (PortalCommandFactory, interceptors, Internal commands, Dashboard, Security, PortalObjectContainer). It takes some times to understand but it's necessary for custom needs out of the JSR168 scope.

              You will not have to understand the container part for your needs.