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    CMS content file size

    Little Prince Newbie

      Hi all,
      i dont know whether this is normal behaviour of CMS. i m using 100% file system storage for CMS.

      After i create a 1kb html page at cms, it consumes 54kb when i check the total size at folder default\data\portal\cms\conf.
      After i checked, i found out that CMS create one copy at versions/blobs, then after approval approved, it create another copy at versions/blobs.
      At workspaces/default/blobs, it also create another copy. This is 3 same copies in total.

      Other than that, it also create folders and files at versions/data, workspaces/default/data.

      My questions are:-
      1) How the CMS works in storing data? Any configuration i can do to minimize the file size?

      2) How can i delete the versions of cms content, because there is only option to delete the whole versions for one cms content, not one version alone.

      3) When i delete cms content at admin page, physically i still see the folder and files created at versions/blobs. How do i physically also delete those cms content? Any configurations i can do to do housekeeping?