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    Creating portal users programmatically

    Philippe Sevestre Newbie


      I'd like to create a set of portal users based on information that I'll receive in a simple CSV-format file, containing some data.

      I've read the docs and source-code and, in a first incarnation of this batch import, I'm using the IdentityUserManagementService (which in not documented, btw) together with User an Profile modules.

      This will probably do for now but, from what I could see in code, by using the exposed APIs, the configured registration mode seems to be bypassed. In my case, this would mean that I'll have to mimic the registration process, ie, send an email and handling the validation url.

      Is there a way to programmatically create users in a way that the configured registration mode is honored, whichever it is ? Also, I think that it would be nice if the API could expose this in a way that allows the programmer to bypass or not the default registration flow.