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    Error displaying new additional property for user profile in

    Artem Saitov Newbie

      Environment: jboss-portal-2.6.6.GA-bundled


      I have add new property into user profile (as described in JBossPortalReferenceGuide, part 17.3.3 for "gender" property) and set [into resource bundle] localized values for property list values that differs from keys for items in 'portal-identity.sar/conf/identity-ui-configuration.xml'. In result, value of new property is saved into profile, but not displayed correctly (every time displayed empty value) when user edit his profile on portal page. So user needs select "gender" property every time when he edit his profile.

      All steps maden according part 17.3.3 of JBossPortalReferenceGuide.

      In resource bundles added lines:


      for english and localized messages for other languages.