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    custom page

    yf guo Newbie

      How to make portal page as a normal page NOT a portlet container?

      The effect I want looks like this demo page:

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          Peter Johnson Master

          I'm confused. The page you linked to looks exactly like a portal to me.

          Perhaps what you are getting at is that you do not want the decorations that surround a portlet (the title bar and the borders). If so, use the emptyRenderer.

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            Bryan Cantwell Newbie

            I the real question is how to render portlet contnet without all of the surrounding portal, like an EXCLUSIVE or SOLO windowState, then I would like to know the answer as well.

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              Peter Johnson Master

              I think what you want to do is modify the page layouts which are available at jboss-portal.sar/portal-core.war/layouts. The 'generic' directory holds the standard 2-column layout. You should make a copy of that directory - for example, copy 'generic' as 'plain', and then modify 'plain'. To use your 'plain' layout, modify the jboss-portal.sar/conf/data/default-object.xml file, changing the value for the layout.id property.

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                yf guo Newbie

                Thanks, Peter. I got it.