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    Render ONLY portlet content

    Bryan Cantwell Newbie

      I have an ajax portlet in struts. It works on other portals that have a windowState of exclusive or solo. Jboss does not seem to have such a state and since my portlet will be deployed on many different JBoss portals, I do not have the luxury of customizing each one with this windowState customization.

      How can I have the following code return ONLY the result of this detail.jsp (the target of this url), so that it may be inserted into the div referenced ? :

      function refreshMe<portlet:namespace/>() {
       jQuery('body').css({cursor: "wait"});
       var url = "<portlet:renderURL><portlet:param name="_spage" value="detail" /></portlet:renderURL>";
       jQuery('body').css({cursor: "auto"})