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    change portlet titlebar style

    Karim Mechhoure Newbie


      I need to change the structure of my portlets.

      Instead of using 3 images for the titlebar, I want to use 5.
      I changed the images in the CSS, but I couldn't find how to separate the titlebar in 5 parts.

      Is there a way to change this?

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          Karim Mechhoure Newbie


          I'm using JBoss server 4.2.2, Jboss Portal 2.6.4 and JSR-168 portlets.
          I didn't see anything about that in JSR-168 spec.

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            Peter Johnson Master

            The title bar is created in:


            which calls


            which in turn places an icon for every valid action. The valid actions are maintained by the class


            which in turn is initialized by this statement in the *-object.xml file:


            So the first step would appear to be adding to the supported states, and updating the css to reference the icons (example: the "help" state creates an anchor with class "portlet-mode-help", and in the css this class references image images/help.gif ).

            If you look at the code I mentioned, you will notice that the states are divided into "mode" and "windowstate" states. I have not dug deep enough to determine how to get a new state mapped to one of these.

            Hopefully this will get you far enough to at least know where to look.

            Disclaimer: I have not tried this so I do not know if it will even work.

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              Karim Mechhoure Newbie

              Ok, thank you Peter.
              I'll try to look that way.