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    Dashboard rename page bug loses portlet state settings

    Eric Smith Newbie

      - in Configure Dashboard, create a new dashboard page; I called mine test1
      - in the left region, add the Weather portlet
      - return to the Dashboard, select the new tab/page (test1), you see Miami weather (the default)
      - EDIT the weather portlet and enter a local zipcode, press OK, you see local weather, so far so good
      - return to Configure Dashboard, rename the page (test1a)
      - return to the Dashboard, select the newly renamed tab
      - now you no longer see the local weather because renaming the page has lost the portlet window-specific settings

      Seems like a bug to me, do you agree?

      Looking at the results of these queries before and after, the records have been deleted.

      select * from JBP_INSTANCE_PER_USER

      select s.PK, s.PORTLET_ID, s.REGISTRATION_ID,
      where s.PK = se.ENTRY_KEY and se.PK = sev.PK

      I was able to duplicate this on the portal demo page http://portal.demo.jboss.com and also (because the demo is still at 2.6.4) I tried it on a fresh 2.6.6.GA installed on AS 4.2.2.GA using hypersonic db.