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    UTF8 in login page

    Daniel Ku Newbie

      If i am using umlauts as login name or in my password, FormAuthentication fails because of wrong input. I have just tried to set encoding for my form:

      <form action="j_security_check" method="post" enctype="UTF-8">

      Not working anyway. I tried to login with name "testü" but all i can see in server.log was:
      [org.jboss.portal.identity.ldap.LDAPExtUserModuleImpl] No user found with name: testÃÂ

      Like you can see i am using LDAPModule and FORM authentication. I have googled to set right encoding type for FORM authentication but all i have found was this:

      Description that you could set encoding type for tomcat:
      <Valve className="org.apache.catalina.authenticator.FormAuthenticator" characterEncoding="UTF-8"/>

      does not work (or i do not know how), because all i have found in JBoss was (jboss-service.xml):

      I see no possibility to set encoding type there? Please help me, how can i use special characters like "ü" (german umlauts like "ue" are not really possible in this forum ?) in my login credentials?

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          Daniel Ku Newbie

          Sorry for pushing this post, but i can not imagine that nobody else has the problem with UTF-8 characters as login name or password ?

          Or am i doing something wrong (configuration of LDAPModule, JBoss AS configuration, Portlet configuration etc.)?