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    Problem with cach when a user modifies his password on JBoss

    marilyn kol Newbie


      I use JBoss AS 4.05, JBoss Portal 2.6.3 and OpenLDAP. When a user logs on the portal, JBoss Portal verifies if the login exists in OpenLDAP, and it verifies if the password is the same too.
      It works but I created a portlet to modify the password of the loggued user. And I have the problem below :

      My user "toto" has the password "password1". My user "toto" logs on the portal with the password "password1". He uses the portlet to modify his password. The new password is "password2". He logs out on the portal.
      In OpenLDAP, the password has been correctly updated. But when the user "toto" logs on the portal, he is able to be logged with the old password and with the new password.

      It's not a cookie problem. Because I have this problem even if I use another browser on another computer.

      I have to restart Jboss to resolve this problem. When I restart JBoss, only the new password works.

      So I think it's a cach problem with JBoss Portal. I saw the link below:

      But even if I did "Disabling Caching", "Crendential Cache with Client Login Module Propogation", and "Flush the Credential Cache" with the JMX consol, the probleme didn't resolve.

      Do you know how I can resolve it?
      Thank you.