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    Howto change theme of Configure Dashboard page?

    Eric Smith Newbie

      I have not been able to find a simple way to change the theme of the Configure Dashboard page. Changing the theme.id of the dashboard context in default-object.xml only changes it for the dashboard pages. Changing the theme.id for the default changes it for the portal and the Admin pages, but not Configure Dashboard.

      I tried unsuccessfully adding a dashboard-object.xml to portal-admin.sar\portal-admin.war\WEB-INF, guessing the parent-ref


      The only approach I found that worked was altering portal-core.war\layouts\generic\maximized.jsp by changing the default theme name, but this is less than desirable since it impacts more than Configure Dashboard and is a hardcoded solution
      <p:theme themeName="mytheme"/>

      Is there a configurable way to specify the theme used by Configure Dashboard?
      Alternatively, is there a configurable way to adjust the layout page being used for Configure Dashboard (e.g. not use generic\maximized.jsp)?
      In the future wouldnt it be best if Configure Dashboard simply used the theme defined for the user's dashboard?