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    portlet container help....

    raffaele mazzitelli Newbie

      Hi to everybody,
      I'm a student in ComputerScience and in this moment I need to study more deeply portlet container.
      I tryed to use the documentation of jboss portlet container but I didn't success in building a web aplication that use it.
      The information in the guide had same lack.
      I would like to know how I could put portlet container in a web application I alredy have.
      How can I embed it?

      It Exisist same documentation on the topic?

      Please, I really really need some help.


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          Peter Johnson Master

          Let me see if I understand this correctly. You do not want to write portlets and deploy them to JBoss Portal. Instead, what you want to do is embed JBoss Portal (or a portlet container) within a web application that you have already written (or are attempting to write). Or are you perhaps attempting to write a portlet container and thinking that embedding JBoss Portal would be a simple way of doing this?

          If you want to write portlets, then the documentation should provide all the help you need to create an deploy a portlet.

          If you want to embed (or write your own) the portlet container, you should get the portlet spec from the JCP web site. Other than that you are on your own.