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    HelloworldJsfMyFacesPortlet Remotable

    Henric Norlander Newbie

      Hi, I have tried to deploy the HelloworldJsfMyFacesPortlet, downloaded from portletswap, as a remotable portlet.

      If you use it as a local portlet it works just fine. But if I deploy it in a producer portal and then try to consume it in another portal it's doesn't works as it's supposed. Nothing happens when you press the button (it should concatenate the names and display them together)

      Have I missed some basic WSRP/Portlet/Portal configuration to enable remotable portlets or!?

      The only thing I changed to the demo is that I added the true in jboss-portal.xml before I deployed the portlet to the producer.

      Can someone please shed some light ...

      // Henric