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    Portlet Preferences and serveResource method

    Jack Daniels Newbie

      Hi --

      I'm trying to set the portlet preferences (portletHeight) through an AJAX call. I've opted to use the serveResource() method of the portlet. When I invoke the portlet function, serveResource(), through the AJAX call, the method does get executed. Within the serveResource() method, I then proceed to update my portlet preference as such:

      String portletHeight = request.getParameter("portletHeight");
      PortletPreferences portletPreference = request.getPreferences();
      portletPreference.setValue("portletHeight", portletHeight);

      I have defined the portlet preferences within the portal.xml file as such:


      I read in the Portlet 2.0 Specification that one can modify the portlet preferences from within the serveResource() method as I've done. I couldn't find any working example that uses the serveResource( method to update portlet preferences.

      Does anyone know any reason why this would not work?

      Thanks a million ahead of time.