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    External authentification

    Nicolas Ploquin Newbie

      Hi all,

      I've a problem... We have a authentification portal external from our jboss portal. This authentification portal put a cookie with the id of the user wich is connected on the portal.

      I want to how can I get this cookie to authenticate user on jboss portal. I've seen loginModule, but, it's not that I need because in our case, we haven't to manage authentication from jboss. I've seen valve, but it's not that I need because in authenticate méthode, we must past "username" but if we haven't tell where is the username to use (in the cookie), the valve will doesn't work.

      So, I'm lost, I just want to disconnect the login module from jboss and tell to jboss "the username to use is ...."... but where ?

      Thank you