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    portlet size

    n n Newbie

      I have added a portlet to the default page of the default portal to display nubmer of entries which I receive from an external system.
      If the number of records is more than 7 then an empty page is displayed.
      I think this is to do with the setting of the protlet that can not exceed a certain height. Do you know how I can add vertical horizontal bar to the portlet to see if this fix the issue?

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          Peter Johnson Master

          Do you really mean "empty page" (that is, none of the portlets, nor the portal header or navigation tabs are showing) or do you mean that your portlet's window is empty?

          The portlet window will expand to whatever height is necessary. IN other words, there is no vertical height restriction.

          Have you asked the browser for the HTML source of the displayed page? That might give some clues as to what is going on.

          The next thing after that would be to debug your portlet - it is probably causing this problem.