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    JBoss tools question

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      I was on the JBoss IDE Design forum but that said closed. Is there a forum for JBoss tools questions.

      Currently, in JBoss tools, my deployment to tomcat is not working and I get exceptions with jar issues. I see that JBoss(or maybe it is wtp) sets the deployment directory to somewhere in .metadata, BUT when I go check that directory out, there is no WEB-INF\lib. There is only WEB-INF\classes. Where is the lib for the web application as I wanted to make sure the correct jars are deployed.

      In our project, we have these directories
      input/libexclude - jars that should not be deployed
      input/libinclude - jars that will be deployed to WEB-INF/lib
      input/webroot - Contains all the xhtml facelets files, css, and graphics

      I wanted(like in MyEclipse) to just tell JBoss tools these 4 directories or something but that does not seem to possible(you can do this in MyEclipse but just can't in tools).

      If this is the wrong forum, PLEASE direct me to the correct one.