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    Strange effect using JBoss Portal HA 2.6 in a Jboss Cluster

    Marcus Noerder-Tuitje Newbie

      Portal Version : 2.6.6 GA (HA)
      JBoss Version : 4.2.3 GA / ALL-Config
      Operating System : openSuse Linux 11
      Java Version : JDK-1.6


      I am facing an effect using Jboss Portal in a cluster. I am using JBoss AS 4.2.3 and JBoss Portal 2.6 (HA).
      I put the JBoss Servers onto fixed addresses (e.g., and they are clustering well. I have a loadbalancer Apache located before my servers - this works well, too.
      Also, I set the jvmroute and jk stuff in Jboss config. So I deploy the Portal-SAR directory onto my servers. Deployment worked well, so I call http://mywbsrv/portal and the portal entry page opens completely (therefore my uriworkermap has been set to /portal*=loadbalancer - also, i enabled sticky sessions).

      But when I click only one link inside my portal, I get a blank page and the jboss log tells me there is no jvm route defined in tomcat.xml.

      This problem happens in generel even if I switch off the cluster and work on one node. Does the problem happen because of the IP bind?
      If I do not specify a bind address, my apache is not able to connect via Jk any more (because jboss strictly connects to

      What can I do to prevent this error? I configured the node name in apache conf and in jboss config correctly; e.g. the jmx-console works well (on both cluster members).

      Any idea?