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    rich:datascroller not working

    Raluca Jucan Newbie

      I have used the rich:datascroller many times and I have never had any problems with it but in this case it simply doesn't work.

      <rich:datascroller align="left" for="profile" renderIfSinglePage="false"
      styleClass="go_left" id="sc1"/>

      <rich:dataTable id="profile" rows="6"
      value="#{handler.results}" var="results"
      cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" rowKeyVar="index">

      where results is declared as follows:

      private List results; - with the get and set methods.

      (I know that it is recommended to have a certain type for a List but this is another story.)
      In all my other examples I use a DataModel and the scroller works perfectly.

      Ideas anybody?