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    IPC and PortalEventListener

    Jack Daniels Newbie

      Hi all --

      I've read through the JBoss Reference documentation and portlet spec and I have a fundamental design question. On this forum, I've seen a combination of approaches for performing IPC. These approaches consist of using PortalEventListener (defined in the jboss-service.xml), defining coordination parameters within the *-object.xml file and at times, calling the setEvent() method during the processEvent() method of the portlet.

      My use case dictates that there are two portlets on a page. When a user clicks on a link in one portlet, it will initiate a search in another portlet. The link that is clicked contains the query parameters (search keywords). There could be upwards of 10 or more of these query parameters. Should I be entertaining public render parameters or should I use events here.

      If I go with events, then which of the combination of approaches mentioned above would be ideal.

      I'm using JBoss 2.7.0 CR1 [Bundled].

      I would deeply appreciate it if any pointers could be provided.

      Thank you so much!