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    What am I supposed to use instead of LayoutStrategy

    Etienne Lacazedieu Newbie


      I'm currently using Portal 2.6.7, and I need to use a custom window state to provide a "single portlet content" view for popups and printing.

      I managed to do that by using an undocumented feature (specifying my own PortalLayout implementation in the layouts.xml file)

      I think that layout strategies could have fullfiled my needs, but they are not available in 2.6.x anymore (they were in 2.4.x)

      What would be the "correct waty" to do what I did?

      FYI, I just copied the JSPLayout code in my own class, and adapted it to do the following :

      - If a Window has a WindowState that starts with "solo" or equals maximized, use it to get the correct JSP uri from the PortalLayoutMetaData,
      - Do the same as what is done for maximized mode (ie, display only the selected window, in a region called like the window state name)

      This works quite fine, but I'm not very happy to use something undocumented...

      And by the way, they are still some references to Strategies n the 2.6.7 reference guide.