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    Portlet Caches Expiration Doesn't appear to work...

    Jack Daniels Newbie

      In the JSP that I use to render the portlet's content, it appears that the portal caches the generated JSP. The portlet is used to provide a customized search functionality, so if the user refreshes the page, it should display the default state of the search form and not the previous search results.

      I have tried to set the expiration cache value in the portlet.xml file for my portlet as such:


      ( By the way the JSR 286 spec states 0 should be the default value for the expiration-cache value...see PLT.22.1 Expiration Cache)

      I have also tried to programatically expire the cache using the following code snippet in my doView() method, as such:

      response.setProperty( RenderResponse.EXPIRATION_CACHE, "0" );

      It is most certainly a caching problem, because it I wait for a significant amount of time and I refresh the portal page, the cached JSP is refreshed to the default state.

      Am I doing something wrong here, or is there a known bug that I'm not aware of?

      Thanks for any input that can be provided