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    WSRP with Portlet Container only

    Jasen Halmes Newbie

      I noticed this JIRA issue was entered, JBPORTAL-2186, but it appears to not be scheduled against a release?

      There are a couple of past threads on the forums requesting this and I've pestered developers on the blogs. I thought I'd continue my annoying behavior and officially request that this issue be scheduled against the earliest possible release.

      We would really like to be able to host portlets from our jboss servers without needing the entire JBoss Portal to be installed. We don't host a portal and have no intention of hosting a portal so the overhead is excessive for us. The light weight approach of just exposing some of our functionality via a portlet is very appealing.

      Also, not to point fingers, but the other major portlet containers have already implemented this and it has been a topic of discussion when we decide how to proceed with our entire application server platform. Just in case that helps anyone justify bumping the priority. :)


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          Chris Laprun Master

          We have to balance all the requested features and what we can support before making any decisions on this. It basically boils down to market demand vs. development/support cost.

          For example, would you be willing to buy support for a WSRP + PC only solution?

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            Jasen Halmes Newbie

            The JIRA priority got bumped down?! I was doing my bi-annual check in on this requested feature and found that JBPORTAL-2186 is now optional? I could have sworn it was high priority last time.

            Apparently I'm the only person that wants to publish content from my application via WSRP standards without running a full portal, eh? There has to be at least 2 of us since I didn't open the original JIRA issue.

            Seriously, I don't view this as a "feature" as much as a "design requirement" of a portlet container. Why should I have to run an entire portal server to serve up portlets via standards? I thought that was the whole point of the portlet container project? The Sun openportal and apache portlet container both included WSRP from the beginning so I've been expecting it to show up in the jboss container.

            I was under the impression that this was going to be included in the "next version" of the portlet container but its been a year since I've been asking about this. I'm guessing by the priority you're not crazy about WSRP as a standard? Unfortunately I have a requirement so I'll have to choose between running the resource expensive portal just to server a single portlet which is really just a wrapper of an iframe back to my main app or switching to another server to host it. I don't like either option.

            What would you do? I just need to be able to serve my content via WSRP to another portal. Am I barking up the wrong tree?

            As for paying you for support, it would depend on how much and how fast I could get the feature. I'll send you $50 myself if you'll do it this week. If that's not enough I could pass the hat around the dev team, how much would it take? :)


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              Chris Laprun Master

              There are only 2 votes for this JIRA issue, none of which seems to be yours... We only have limited time and resources and have to prioritize things. Priorities change. Votes for features influence which ones we work on...

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                Chris Laprun Master

                Yeah, no kidding, eh? :) That is sure to motivate me to work on it!

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                  Joao Viragine Newbie

                  Some App servers (like IBM Websphere) supports PC + WSRP OOTB.
                  Not always the customers needs a full portal solution

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                    Chris Laprun Master

                    We're not arguing the usefulness of such a feature. We're just saying that there were other priorities that needed to be addressed first.

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                      Thomas Heute Master

                      Exactly, it is planned anyway. There is no need to argue about the usefulness. Now there is no need to argue about the usefulness of most Jiras neither. If the priority was lowered is that like all default tasks it got the priority of 'Major' assigned, we preferred to lower the expectations as it wasn't planned.

                      Also keep in mind that we do accept contributions in terms of code contributions which would be much more rewarding than giving money away.

                      So now you can sit and wait or step up and help.

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                        Jasen Halmes Newbie

                        Hey guys, the $50 was a joke. I have looked at the code and I have no idea how much it would take to get you guys to fix this, but I know my company won't pay for it, but my dev team would probably chip in some money, that part was serious. Sorry if the joke didn't come across, it wasn't meant as an insult.

                        Thomas, if you read the thread you'll see that I was asked if I would be willing to buy support. I think the phrase "So now you can sit and wait or step up and help." is a bit of a cheap shot. I've really just been trying to get info, not imply that the work you're doing isn't appreciated. Honestly, it is frustrating that my preferred application platform is the only one that doesn't support this feature yet, and I have a requirement to deliver it. I know that's not your fault and you're working with limited resources.

                        But if you're serious and you want the help, I am not as committed this summer. If you "step up" ;) and give me some advice and ideas on where to start I'll start reading through the code again. My biggest issue is I have no idea what your future design plans are. If you and Chris support me and answer my questions when I'm not sure of what some of the code constructs are for, I'll take on the project this summer.

                        What do you say?