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    JBoss Portal starts but can't be connected.

    Wanjun Wang Newbie

      JBoss Portal Version: 2.6.7
      Did you get Portal from Subversion? or download it?: Downloaded GA version.
      JBoss AS Version: Bundled with JBoss Portal 2.6.7 GA
      Database Vendor and Version: default
      JDBC Connector and Version: default
      OS Platform: Fedora 9

      Describe the problem:
      After I unzip JBoss Portal bundle and start run.sh, I can't connect to the server as http://<LAN IP>:8080/portal

      There's no ERROR message in logs:
      [root@busi-serv1 log]# ls
      boot.log server.log
      [root@busi-serv1 log]# grep ERROR *

      JBoss Portal 2.4.1 works fine from the same machine through http://<LAN IP>:8080/portal.

      What have I missed? Thanks.