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    region and Layout

    n n Newbie

      I have four windows in a page and I have chosen "generic" theme which is available from the admin console for the page. THis gives me center and left regions.
      in my *-object.xml I defined four windows (for four portlets already defined in portlet.xml and portletInstance.xml) and set the region for the two of the windows to "left" and the other two to "center". I have two questions:
      1- How do I define that window2 should be in the left region but below window1 and window4 should be in the center region but below window3?at the moment window2 is above window1 in the left region.. same thing is happening with the window3 and window4. I know I can do this in the admin console but I need to know how to do it in *-object.xml so when I re-deploy it stays!
      2- the width of windows 3 and 4 (that are in the center region) are bigger than width of windows1 and 2 in the left region, this doesn't look right could you let me know how to fix this?

      All the best!