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    Pages navigation : vertical tabs or portlet navigation ?

    dsf sdf Newbie


      i'm new to portal development and jboss portal and so this the first "please help me" post that i'm writing, but clearly not the last one :-).

      i have to develop portlets and deploy them in jboss portal, with some constraint on the navigation scheme :

      - pages navigation (portlet selection) in a menu-like on the leftside
      - each portlet displayed on the right side then displays its own "sub-menus" tabs on the top of its window.

      The default jboss portal installation displays page navigation tabs horizontally on top of the page.
      Is it possible to modify the layout so these tabs can appear on the left side ? and how can i do this ?

      Another solution would be to develop a navigation portlet which would be displayed on the left side of the screen and which would display links to developped portlets ?

      Does someone know how to do this or could help me ?

      thanks for your help.