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    cms nodes

    subhajit sidhanta Newbie

      how to retrieve information on folder structure and files uploaded in cms using cms admin portlet....
      i am using mysqkl db but donot know which tables store this data

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          Sohil Shah Master

          the cms data is persisted in tables with a JBP_CMS_* pattern to the name.

          Although, the data is in Serialized Java Object format that is used by Jackrabbit.

          Hence, I would not recommend modifying the data directly since that will lead to data corruption


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            subhajit sidhanta Newbie

            my requirement is i need a portlet which will bear links to all pdf files in a particular category.Say i have a folder called "travel pdfs" in cms an i have uploaded pdf1 pdf2 in it
            My portlet needs to show the names of all pdfs in the travel category(i.e. all pdfs in the travel pdfs folder).If cms admin uploads another pdf,pdf3,even this should be reflected in the portlet.
            For this in need to be able to fetch from the database names of all files in a particular folder in cms.How can that be done?i have seen the data in jbp_cms tables but i am not able to follow how the structure is stored

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              Sohil Shah Master

              You should not try to access the data in the tables directly as the structure is in the form of Serialized Java Objects and will lead to data corruption

              You should use the JCR API to access the CMS node tree like the way our CMS Service does using the Command Framework which is part of our CMS Service.

              Look at the code in the package org.jboss.portal.cms.impl.jcr.command for example of how to do this. There is also a chance you can use the out-of-the-box Commands to accomplish what you are trying to do.