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    Browser (URL) Portlets usage

    Chenguang YANG Newbie

      Hello everyone, I am glad to be one of this group.

      Currently, I am working on a project using some portlets.

      But both my colleague and I are new for portlet. We already have a system based on PHP. Thus we decided to reuse them by some browser portlet, which can show some external URL's web content(our pages here). I have managed to do this with PortletBridge portlet - http://www.portletbridge.org

      But PortletBridge have some drawbacks. the one is it can not support complex URLs like URLs have =, ?, # and other special characters. The second drawback don't support dynamic content, which means when a user login with the login dilog of a portlet, the browser will redirect the new page in a new browser tab or window instead of open the new page in itself. But according the requirements, all the operation should be done in the portlet.

      We are thinking about pass the URL to the portlet and then open the portlet. But I am not sure whether it's possible or not.

      Any responses and suggestions are welcome.

      Thanks you in advance.