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    Problem accessing CMS-Content on SOME systems!?

    Marcus Noerder-Tuitje Newbie

      AS : Latest JBoss stable release
      Portal : 2.7.0 GA (HA, but currently running on a single node)

      I have found a quite confusing effect using the CMS in jboss portal:

      I created a new portal, and added a default page ... works fine.
      I uploaded a zip file and a picture as new CMS content ... works fine.
      Then, I added CMS content on the default page ... works fine @home.

      But :

      I got a 404 at work, where my portlet content is supposed to be. So I went to the page config, dropped the page in order to recreate it. When I choose the content item (e.g. the picture), I get a message, that no data can be found for that picture. I thought, ok, might be something broken - but when I use another remote system in a another network, it works fine. I get the 404-effect at work (regular-pc and internet-pc with direct connection) but not on my own pc and not via the remote system of a friend.

      What I really do not understand at all is the fact, that I am able to see the default-cms-folder contents at work (I tried with pictures etc, works fine). But when I choose one of my own CMS-elements, I get a 404 in my portlet (same portal page) at work, but ... not at home.

      The effect affects all my custom CMS repos which I try to access @work. I do not understand why I am able to see it @home or @friend.

      Please help!

      Thanks in advance,