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    Custom Login

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      i'm looking for some advices regarding to custom login and authentication.

      I'm currently reading portal reference doc & mails, etc ... trying to figure out how to setup a custom login.

      In fact i have to setup an authentication process with sms sending, and other custom functionnalities.

      So i'm thinking of building a custom portlet which would handle all this process.
      I think i'll have to setup a custom JAAS module but don't yet how to do that.

      i'm in a great need for some advice and some hints.
      Thanks for your help !

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          dsf sdf Newbie

          ok i have now setup a custom jsf webapp which basically uses the loginModules defined by the portal to authenticate a user.

          my webapp is configured to use the same JAAS security domain than the portal and using Webauthentication i manage to authenticate my users with the portal database.

          When authenticated in my webapp i then try to go back to the portal where i should see that i'm logged in as admin for example.

          But when i'm back in the portal, it's like i'm not logged in at all.

          I thought the webAuthentication mechanism was used to solve this kind of problem.

          Am i missing something ?