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    How to create application platform?

    Maksim Kaszynski Apprentice

      We need to port hundred of small applications from Power Builder to Seam. The problem is that having hundred Seam applications on the same server will be too much footprint. Another problem is that we need to carry all Identity information between applications (we can do SSO with SPNEGO, but loading all permissions for every small app is also bad).
      Of course we can create one monster app with hundreds of pages, but I want to have more modular approach.
      I'm new to portlets, and examples of Seam with prorlet-bridge that I saw are running as standalone apps.
      I need the reverse - to have some Platform app running seam runtime, facelets, Hibernate et al, and have small modules that contain only UI pages and backing beans - no libs at all.

      Is it possible to do it with Portlet container?

      (of course we can have such small apps in development time, and use ant script to copy them into single war, but it's also ugly)