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    PortletBridge, Richfaces & a4j:include

    dsf sdf Newbie


      i'm currently developping portlets with portletbridge and richfaces both snapshot version.

      I'm trying to create wiazrd like functionnality using a4j:include as stated in the richfaces demo.

      I can't manage to make it work, each time i want to navigate to another page inside my "wizard", it refreshes the whole portlet page and replaces it with the new page instead of replacing the content of the a4j:include.

      I haven't tried yet to use it in a "classic" webapp but i imagine it must work, so the problem is surely that i'm behind the portlet bridge.


      <h:panelGroup id="ActionPanel">
      <a4j:include viewId="/pages/AlertActionMenu.xhtml"/>


      < div style="position:relative">
      <a4j:commandButton size="50" value="Creer une alerte" action="createAlert" reRender="ActionPanel"/>
      < /div>

      Thanks for your help.