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    Can't get JBoss Portal Source Code to deploy

    Robin Kwek Newbie

      Dear all,

      I've followed the reference guide and JBoss wiki page: http://www.jboss.org/community/docs/DOC-12518 but run into issues. My intention is to develop portlets and customizing the portal using eclipse.

      From the wiki page, I managed to build the source code from JBoss repository. I refer to the reference guide (section 2.3.3) to deploy from source, ran build.bat deploy command and got the error: "-Xmx512M==x was unexpected at this time."

      I've managed to setup and run JBoss AS 5 on eclipse, my question is how do I get the built source code to run on AS 5 under eclipse instead of going through the command prompt?

      Thanks in advance~

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          Thomas Heute Master

          JBoss Portal 2.7 will only run on 4.2.3 (not 5.0).

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            Peter Johnson Master

            You do not have to build Portal, nor JBoss AS, in Eclipse in order to use Eclipse to develop portlets. What I did was create a simple web application project and added the jboss-portal.sar/lib/portal-portlet-lib.jar file to the libraries in my project's build path.

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              Robin Kwek Newbie

              Yep! I'm pretty confused about how to get started, the reference guide has a lot of good information but there isn't much directions given on how to get started in portal development. Maybe I'm asking too much ><

              I only have some hands-on with weblogic/jsf/icefaces, really want to give jboss portal/richfaces a try. Ok, so what I need to do is get JBoss AS 4.2.3 started under eclipse, create a new web application project, added the portal-portlet-lib.jar and deploy the project?

              I saw JBoss has a webtools package for eclipse, will it be helpful to me in terms of developing portlets/customizing portal?

              One of the first few things I want to do is to use Google Web Toolkit(GWT) and a few Google api such as the search api to create portlets for the portal, does anyone has experience in this and do let me know if there's any potential issue/s, I'm quite concerned with inter-portlet communication between GWT portlet and existing portlets.