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    jsf ajax and portlets

    Wojciech Górka Newbie

      I have two portlets portlet A and B. In both I use richfaces.

      In portlet A I have a tree with nodes, which point to some data. This data should be shown in portlet B. I would like to use ajax request to rerender portlet B clicking on tree-node in portlet A.
      I used <a4j:commandLink> tag pointing at element in portletB to rerender.

      Unfortunatelly it doesn't work. Ajax request is send and backing-bean of portlet B is invoked, but state of portlet B doesn't change.

      What do I do wrong?, or is it possible to achive that (changing state of portlet B from portlet A) )using ajax request?, or what should I do more?

      Thank you for any advice!