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    Problem accessing a class outside the portlet WAR

    a a Newbie

      I have a web project with a portlet that uses a JSP. This JSP uses a FormBean from within the WAR, and this class uses a class outside the WAR (simple java project). All development is done in eclipse ganymede with the latest jboss tools and latest dev portal server (2.7).
      In eclipse i can even use auto complete for methods on this external class, but during runtime the class can not be found. I get the following error:

      An error occurred at line: 13 in the jsp file: /jsp/view.jsp
      The type businessmodel.RaumklimaBO cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files

      RaumklimaBO is the external class. Usage is as follows:
      <jsp:useBean id="raumklimaFormBean" class="classes.RaumklimaFormBean" scope="session"/>
      <%= raumklimaFormBean.getRaumklimaListe()[0].getSensorDescription() %>

      RaumklimaFormBean uses RaumklimaBO.

      Is the usage in the jsp wrong? I copied it from somewhere ;) I also tried to manually include the bin folder for the class in question into the CLASSPATH, but that did not change anything ...
      Any suggestions?

      Thanks in advance.