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    CMS container

    subhajit sidhanta Newbie

      I have created a new portal.In the default page,i have associated an html page present in the root folder of cms.On this html(html 1 ),i have a link which points to another html(html2) present in cms.Now when i click on the home tab in the portal,the first html appears.I clikc on the link and navigate to the second html.But now when i click on the home tab,i want to see html1. Instead i get to see html2 to which i had navigated earlier.Please help.I need to be on html1 everytime i click on the tab afresh.

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          Sohil Shah Master

          You need to modify the link on the tab to a link that loads the htm1 document. It would be a CMSPortlet link of course. Right now the link is to the CMSPortlet and not to any particular document, so the last document displayed by the portlet is the one that is rendered