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    Does a4j:poll keep the session alive

    Balaji Saranathan Newbie


      I'm new to Ajax and RichFaces. Apologize if its a silly question.

      I have inherited a web app and my server is configured for a time out of 30 mins. Apparently there is a bulk import operation that takes ~45 mins to complete. The user is kept aware of the status of the records imported on a text area using a4j:poll and re-rendering the text area with the details. (it means the text area is updated with the status of every record imported or failed).

      However after 30 mins, I get a " Page expired". I was inclined to believe that the A4J would keep the session alive till it is auto refreshing but doesnt seem to happen. I have set the value of timeout to 2 hours.

      Am i missing something anywhere in the intended use.