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    Portlet expiration cache + Multiple instances

    Nelson Silva Newbie


      I'm setting the portlet expiration cache to -1. I have an instance of this portlet in every page of the portlet. The portlet is a simple form that set a value in the session.

      If i submit the form in a page the value is correctly put in the session and the forms value is correct. The cache is being invalidated and the htm fragment is correct.

      The problem is if I go to another page with the same portlet and enter a new value. Then, altough the session's value is correct, if I navigate again to previous page it still has the old value in the form thus it did not invalidate this instance's cache!

      If seems to me that the view cache is instance based although all the instances have the same windowId and are using the same portlet!.

      Is this normal or am I doing something wrong ?