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    JBoss Portal - EAR Deploy Problem

    Masoud Adib Newbie

      I am using JBoss 4.2 and seam 2.0. I like to know if anyone could get an ear to show up as a portal. The ear gets deployed with no error but it looks like the server can't see it as a portal!!! so far every examples that I have seen for portals are using WAR files but no EAR?? I just can't believe no one has done this before!!!

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          Bart Stough Newbie

          I could not deploy an ear but I can rename my ear as a .SAR under the following conditions

          The packages are in a jar file and located in the [SAR]/lib directory
          The jboss-service.xml will not get picked up by the class loader unless it is in the [SAR]/META-INF directory.

          It should look like this


          I set this up in eclipse and export as an ear, then rename it to SAR. Hope this helps.