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    Per window customization even when it is not dashboard

    vivek saini Newbie

      Posted: Tue Jan 13, 2009 14:48 PM Post subject: Per window customization even when it is not dashboard
      I have enabled drag-and-drop property for portal. Now I want to persist the portlet-window location in database when window is dragged from one region and dropped in another region/order. So that when page gets refreshed (or user log in again) he finds the portlet-window at the location it was dragged by him(or by any other user) last time.

      Overall I want same functionality as it is provided in dashboard. The reason I can not use dashboard here is dashboard is user specific. In my scenario it should be portalID (even when portalID is not in dashboard context) specific, means any user can change the location of portlet-window,and other users should see this.

      till now i have reached to following lines in CustomizationManagerService

      if (user != null)
       String userId = getUserId(user);
       // And if it is in a dashboard context we get the per window customization
       if (isDashboard(window, user))
       // That's how we manufacture dash board keys
       String dashboardId = window.getId().toString();
       instance = instance.getCustomization(dashboardId);
       instance = instance.getCustomization(userId);

      what i want is per window customization even when it is not dashboard. Is there any way?