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    So confused, portal's not making any sense.

    John Ament Master


      So I'm looking at jb portal as a possible portal system. It looks good on paper, but in use it seems like it's not doing what i expect. We're looking for two main things - internal/external content management, and centralized application deployment and integration. From our organization's standpoint, the CMS part is the bigger need, and more important from a proving ground standpoint.

      With that said, I need some help with what should be fairly basic functionality.

      I downloaded and installed 2.7 bundled, configured it w/ postgres data source, changed the context path to / and all works fine. I can go to http://localhost:8080 and see the default portal. Wonderful. Registered a third user, perfect! So I had sample admin, user, and developers.

      As an admin, I created a second portal called "jimmy." I changed jimmy's theme, layout and renderset. I attempt to modify the default page for jimmy, but nothing's there. I can switch to wizard mode to add it, fine. I decide to look at it in my browser, by going to http://localhost:8080/jimmy and low and behold... it showed me my default portal. Jimmy is in fact not my default portal. What gives??