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    Using a Struts action within login.jsp in jboss-portal.sar

    Dean Pullen Novice


      I'm trying to use a Struts Action as part of the login sequence of the portal.

      I've got it all working fine - the Struts libs are in the jboss-portal.sar lib folder, and our portal application ear (has to be) is dependent on them.

      Unforunately this means the wars in the ear utilised the Struts i8n properties etc from the jboss-portal.sar config, and not individually as they should.

      We don't want to have to copy the properties files over the jboss installation everytime we do a deploy - we expect the properties to be contained within the war (in the ear).

      Firstly - why is it that the sar's classpath interfere's with that of the ear's war.

      Secondly, is there any way around this problem?