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    Help needed on portal and jackrabbit: ClassCastException

    Gaetano Sferra Newbie


      I've developed a stand alone application using latest Jackrabbit libraries and now I wish to evolve it in a jboss service (sar) useable in my application. Sadly, while deploying on server, I get "ClassCastException", caused (so I believe) by conflicts between jackrabbit classes provided by my application and portal. I tried to set up a classloaders isolation but it didn't work. My application structure is:

      - /lib
      - /lib/a-lot-of.jar <- here are latest jackrabbit libraries too
      - /META-INF
      - /META-INF/application.xml
      - myservice.sar
      - /com/.../my-packages/.../my.class
      - /META-INF/jboss-service.xml

      Questions are:
      - Where to place jackrabbit's libraries? (EAR/lib, SAR/lib, etc...)
      - How to force my service to work with that libraries?
      - How to avoid conflicts between my service and portal?

      Thank you,