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    JSF/RichFaces support in login.jsp

    Francesc Gonzalez Newbie

      Did anybody have success adding support for these tags in the login.jsp page from the portal-server.war folder or in any layout page from the portal-core.war?

      I need to use this kind of components in these pages and I thought that it was enough adding references in web.xml and faces-config.xml in the WEB-INF folder from portal-core.war, and of course, the needed libraries in the lib folder. But still does not work.

      I use Jboss portal 2.6.2 with this libraries:
      myfaces 1.1.5
      richfaces 3.1.2
      Instead of portlet-bridge I use this library (portlet-3.1.0). I tried to use portlet-bridge but goes directly in conflict with the JSF libraries we use in our hole portal and I can't change that matter.

      Thank you for any help in advance.