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    Dashboard show to other users

    Andriy Kucher Newbie

      Is it possible to show my own configured dashboard to other users? I mean, user1 has configured his dashboard and wants now to show it to user2. Is it possible with latest portal?

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          vivek saini Newbie

          could u please elaborate the use case scenario. Why a dashbord page needs to be shown to other user.

          You can enable DnD and and persist the window positions for non dashboard pages with little change. I guess these are the only extra features you get on dashboard pages.

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            Andriy Kucher Newbie

            Its easy - every user might configure its own dashboard, apply own theme, add desired portlets - another words - create its own page. After then this dashboard might use other users - just view its content.

            Car renting portal. Administrator of portal has configured only default portal with welcome page, explanations and thats all. After that every registered user (actually depending on role which is owner) receives pre-configured portal with set of pages and portlets on them. This user is owner of this portal and might change theme of this portal, location of portlets, and add or remove some portlets from his own portal. In his portal he publishes its car to be rented.

            Another user, who registers himself as owner, also receives its portal, where he changes theme, portlets, etc. And so on.

            Currently we have implemented such scenario by building new portal for every owner. But we have investigated, that in case of very big amount of portals performance of JBoss Portal significantly drops down.

            Actually configuration of own portal is almost the same, as every user might configure its own dashboard. I think, since dashboard is only one, it doesn't affect so much performance and its possible probably to use in our scenario in case of big amount of users. But the main problem how to show my own dashboard to other users.