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    Portal to portal Redirection

    anbazhagan prasanna Newbie

      I am using
      Jboss App server jboss-4.2.2.GA
      Jboss portal 2.7.0 G.A
      DB Mysql 5.0

      I have 3 portals portalA, portalB, portalC.

      PortalA is the default portal. It should act as a Controller.
      i.e based on the UserRole It has to Redirect to either portalB or PortalC

      I have obtained the users/Role information successfully in the defaultpage of the PortalA.

      But when i tried to redirect the user to particular portal from portalA, I am still remaining the portalA with out any redirection.

      I have used the following ways to redirect but in vain


      RequestDispatcher rd = request.getRequestDispatcher(relative_portalName>)

      The <absolute_portalName> I have given is the http://someserver/portal/portal/portalB/portalB

      The <relative_portalName> I have given is the /portal/portal/portalB/portalB

      I have also tried the different combinations including the/portal/auth/portalB/portalB since all the portals A,B,C are secured.

      I am confused that either jboss portal does'nt support Redirection or am i using a wrong way to redirect.